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Providing college planning and funding assistance for local families nation wide with volunteers and professionals in local communities conducting qualifying interviews and making recommendations.  

If you would like to become one of our consultants, scroll down this page to where it says "Learn More".  If you would like to hear what one of our members had to say about her experience and the funding she received, click the box to learn what members say . . .

The Power of Working Together 

Serving Families in your community

Help students attend college with little or no debt through merit based College Endowment Awards  .   .   .   

                           OVER $700 BILLION AVAILABLE

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44 Years of community service built on the concept of 

Neighbor helping Neighbor

The Power Of Working Together,  was formed by a group of 5 families in 1980. The concept and vision began in 1975 with research and support of a group of interns from Colorado College in the 1970's. 

Our team members provide valuable resources teaching the process of college selection, application and the college funding process.

Understanding the process is the first step to a successful admission to the school of your choice. We have assisted our members secure funds all over the US.  $1.2  BILLION  in resources that are NOT loans.

Neighbor helping Neighbor through the POWT process.

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Show your friends, neighbors and clients how to make college affordable without going into massive student loan debt . . .

Over 40 years of experience in a unique Perpetual Marketing process which makes certain you have clients to see each and  every week who need your help.  

A  small grant from an education foundation set the stage for what has become the most unique way to pay for college.  This technique has nothing to do with income or assets.  Our members have received in excess of $1.2 Billion dollars in merit based awards that need NOT be repaid. 


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The Power of Working Together

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Is giving to your community for you?

No matter what community you live in or serve there are parents who want to do the very best to bring success to their children and help them build a bright future. 

Bringing this service to your community is a value added benefit that will make your contribution and community service meaningful for every parent of college bound students. 

Earn the confidence and trust you deserve to become a unique contributor to your own community by submitting your information and let us answer your questions  Let us show you how the Power of Working Together makes college dreams come true.

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