Training and Tools 

Preparing to meet candidates & more . . .

We know your time is valuable and you may not know if this opportunity is right fo you. Start with the basics on this page and then join our team to master some of the techniques we have developed over the four decades we have been providing this service.  

Start with these tools

Student Questionnaire for interview     
Membership Agreement

Our Slides

Here is a detailed explanation of the services we provide from Middle School through Masters and Doctoral education.  As long as the student has a year or more of college ahead of them, we can help.  Please enter your name and email address on the permission form so we know you saw the information.


Essay Competitions . . .

*  Community involvement
*  Earn a membership scholarship 
*  Funded by college for student
*  Demonstrates your leadership
*  Enhances community good will 
*  Develops new clients
*  Earns credibility with educators
*  Opens the door to service clubs
*  Provides Incentives to non profits 
*  Promotes your philanthropy
*  Creates a scholarship tradition
*  Helps Grandparents create legacy
*  Value added service for churches
*  Promotes business leadership

Essay Competition

Preparing to make calls

Here is the script for your VOICE MAIL, your google voice mail  where we will transfer them to listen to your message during the calls we make.  

Here is what the candidates hear when the call is made,   When they press 1, they are immediately transferred to your voice message where they can hear the details of what to do next,   The candidate may or may not actually leave you a message but they requested more information by responding to the call.

Here is a video explaining the REPORT after dialing.

Here are some AUDIO IDEAS for your follow up  calls after we have made the initial call.  Remember, you are sending them to your web page or getting them to send an email to the responder email address we created for you.  Both will get them ready for your brief interview with the student and parents.

Refer someone you know

You can refer someone you know who needs college funding to our organization just to see how our process works.  You will better understand the value we bring to your community and to your business.  

Being a resource to your clients is the fastest way to prove your value to your community and every parent sending a student to college faces the challenges of funding college without excessive debt or depleting family resources.

Few people know the reason why college debt has skyrocketed when college endowments are now topping $700 billion dollars.   HERE IS WHY!

Click Here to get credit for your efforts

Preparing for the Calls 

Because there will be a rather large volume of email coming to you as we copy you on all communications with your new clients, we suggest you set up a GMAIL account exclusively for this endeavor. 

1.  An email address like  [email protected] may help identify you as the college consultant in clients email boxes.  2.  This will provide you with a GOOGLE VOICE MAIL BOX to use for a key part of our marketing on your behalf.   Here is a short CHECKLIST to help prepare for the calls.   


Video Checklist

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Is giving to your community for you?

No matter what community you live in or serve there are parents who want to do the very best to bring success to their children and help them build a bright future. 

Bringing this service to your community is a value added benefit that will make your contribution and community service meaningful for every parent of college bound students. 

Earn the confidence and trust you deserve to become a unique contributor to your own community by submitting your information and let us answer your questions  Let us show you how the Power of Working Together makes college dreams come true.

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